SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013

SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013
I will miss you!

Art Tickles My Fancy

Art Tickles My Fancy

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bodacious Ladyhood Sleep-Over

I had a few dear friends over on the long weekend earlier this month. I call my pals "The Bodacious Ladyhood" - and I always wish to have more time to entertain in an elaborate way. You know how you see these lovely photos of beautiful settings in magazines - well I want to pull-off cool settings like that but it takes a lot of time to coordinate such ensembles. I did have Cynthia help me set up & decorate : )
Look at the center photo - after having dessert & champagne under my 300 year old oak named "Bella", Cyndi & I decided to swing like little kids... weeeeeee.... then my swing broke! It was so funny we all laughed 'til our sides hurt!!!

It was an awesome time with friends that are closer than sisters! We read poetry, crafted, swam, stayed up late pouring out our hearts to one another.... a splendificant time had by all :)

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Donna Horn said...

Teeeennnaaaaa.....I'm soooo sad that I didn't get invited to your girls weekend. I think you have forgotten about me (boohoo) You have no idea how much I miss you and getting together with the girls. Oh, well maybe next time. It looked like a lot of fun! Thanks for finally updating your blog!!!

Your sad Puerto Rican sister.....