SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013

SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013
I will miss you!

Art Tickles My Fancy

Art Tickles My Fancy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Bloom

Have you ever seen a more beautiful Daisy?!? Isn't she just the sweetest lil' blossom! Oh Mercy! I just lOVE this girl!!

Even though we've had quite a few days of June-Gloom, in my backyard it's been June-Bloom! The roses are in the their full glory - all Iceberg accept for one lone Sisalbruner Rose that caresses my birdhouse.


Pilar said...

What a beautiful garden you have! And your pup is just so sweet and precious!

Trash-2-Treazure said...

That is by far the funniest picture I have seen Daisy take! I love it!

Ms Glenda said...

WOW, the roses are amazing-I'm jealous.

Club Capriotti looks exquisite!