SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013

SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013
I will miss you!

Art Tickles My Fancy

Art Tickles My Fancy

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Work doesn't feel so bad when it resembles home.

This is my cubicle... homey isn't it? If I've gotta spend a third of my life at work, I want it to be as comfy as possible!

The engineers I work for just throw their hands in the air... they know very well after 16 years working here that I suffer from ADD (Attention Decorating Disorder)!


dede warren said...

Your cubbie looks just as happy as you are! And I LOVE the roses you've painted!! Bravo smart girl, hope all is well.

Christine said...

Hi Tina! What a great looking office space! I've been meaning to decorate mine as well. You're right, if we've gotta spend 1/3 of our time there, it should be as pretty as our creative space. I miss you and I hope you are doing well. How did the M. Antoinette workshop go?
Love- Christine

Trash-2-Treazure said...

I love your cubby. You inspire me to do mine at work If I ever get back there. I've been sick all week. But I have been enjoying checking out your blog.
Lots of Love,