SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013

SNILLARD 10/1998 - 5/2013
I will miss you!

Art Tickles My Fancy

Art Tickles My Fancy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Magical Mission Inn

The morning started with Tom cooking us a delicious breakfast! Then after a few chores around the house we were off to see the Mission, the wonderful Mission of OZ - (never found a Wizard, but there were plenty of Elves lurking around!)


Christine said...

Hi Tina- Wow, this castle of Oz looks really cool. Hey, I got your message about your sis-in-law taking the class and I think that's great! Sorry, my cell phone died a little while ago. I'll call you tomorrow to follow up. Also, I don't mind if we share the room together. Hope to talk to you soon!

Sandra Evertson said...

Stunning! Season's Greetings!
Sandra Evertson

Trash-2-Treazure said...

Great Job on the pictures of Mission Inn. I want to go there one night before all of the lights go away!!!! Thanks for sharing.